Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cloud Computing Show #48

Roundtable Guests:
James Watters, Sr. Manager vCloud Solutions, VMware, http://www.vmware.com
Adrian Cole, Founder of JClouds, http://www.jclouds.org/
Brian Bulkowski, CEO, Citrusleaf, http://www.citrusleaf.net/
Mathew Lodge, Senior Director of vCloud Marketing, VMware, http://www.vmware.com

Here is The Cloud Computing Show Episode #48 (mp3)

Gary Orenstein, The Cloud Computing Show, http://www.thecloudcomputingshow.com

-HP - got cloud? Vertica?

-Teradata buys Aster Data Systems

-AWS Networking Boost

-Stack wars 2011 - where are we
-take aways from Cloud Connect?
-PaaS - cloud focus for the foreseeable future?

Hello, I am doing some research for a masters level class regarding consumer choices
for storage. One of the futures out there is cloud based storage, such as the box.net or dropbox. There are some good cases for cloud based storage, but do you see it replacing locally based storage for the consumer? Or perhaps will it flip where local storage is the exception and cloud will be the norm?
Also, if you have any tips/site/article on the future of cloud based storage, it would help a ton.
Thank you, Phil Romans

-Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Meetup http://www.meetup.com/cloudcomputing/
-iOS Developers Meetup - http://www.meetup.com/sviphone/

-Structure Big Data, GigaOM, March 23, 2011, http://events.gigaom.com/bigdata/

Gary: http://www.kaggle.com
James: http://www.infochimps.com
Brian: http://www.dotcloud.com; http://awe.sm
Adrian: http://www.backtype.com
Mathew: http://www.purestorage.com

For more info from:

James Watters - http://www.twitter.com/wattersjames

Gary Orenstein - http://www.twitter.com/garyorenstein

Brian Bulkowski - http://www.twitter.com/bbulkow

Adrian Cole - http://www.twitter.com/jclouds or http://www.jclouds.org

Mathew Lodge - http://www.twitter.com/mathewlodge

Thanks to our listeners. Visit us at http://www.TheCloudComputingShow.com or email at TheCloudComputingShow at gmail dot com

Also on Twitter - http://www.twiter.com/cloudshow

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