Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #7

Here is The Cloud Computing Show Episode #7.

Today on the show:
Gary Orenstein, Host, The Cloud Computing Show
Sajai Krishnan, CEO, ParaScale

Industry Discussion
Zoho CloudSQL
From the Zoho blog,

There are in particular 3 things that stand out about Zoho CloudSQL:
    1. It’s the first technology that allows customers to interact with their data on the cloud, from another cloud application or from an on-premises one through real SQL.
    2. It supports multiple SQL dialects. We support all the major (and even some not so major) ones: ANSI, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Informix.
    3. With our JDBC/ODBC drivers, developers can access data in the cloud just as easily as if it were stored in a local database.
Discussion: Is this significant enough to drive more business to the cloud?
Good OS "Cloud"
News release:
Boots in to a browser instantly.Also offers option to boot to windows. Initially targeting netbooks market.
PC World:

"Unlike Chrome, Cloud is its own operating system that runs independently of Windows and other platforms--although it cannot replace the main operating system."
Discussion: Return of the thin client? Can we go without Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux?
IBM "validates" Cloud Computing
IBM Launches New Cloud Computing Consulting and Implementation Services

One of China's largest retailers with more than 10 million customers per day, Wang Fu Jing Department Store, has deployed several key cloud services from Project Yun, including a supply chain management solution for its vast network of retail stores to easily share supply chain information and visualize the execution of B2B business processes with thousands of their own SMB suppliers via the cloud.

Discussion: "supply chain management"....traditional apps in the cloud
Stacey Higgenbotham, GigaOm

"creating a kind of Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for cloud computing"
Discussion: the IBM brand still moves the media
Q and A with Sajai Krishnan, CEO, ParaScale
Sajai gives us his take on the cloud storage market, and what separates ParaScale from the rest of the pack.

Cloud Tips
Gary: Google Gears
Sajai: Small business cloud infrastructure

Enjoy the show!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #6

Here is The Cloud Computing Show - Episode 6

Today on the show:
Gary Orenstein, Host, The Cloud Computing Show
Chuck Hollis, VP and Global Marketing CTO, EMC

Industry Discussion and News
Microsoft Windows Azure and does there entry change the market?
Saleforce, Dreamforce, and what do the Facebook and Amazon partnerships mean.

Q and A with Chuck Hollis, EMC
We recorded this episode one day before EMC announced their new Atmos platform for cloud computing and storage, but Chuck paints a compelling picture of the direction without getting in to the product details.

Chuck also explains his philosophy behind blogging. More at

Cloud Tips
Gary: Google Docs
Chuck: EMC Mozy backup

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #5

Here is The Cloud Computing Show - Episode 5

Today on the Show
Gary Orenstein, Host, The Cloud Computing Show
Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale

Industry discussion|News/Headlines

Amazon Headlines
Here's what's happening today (Source: AWS blog)
* Amazon EC2 is now in full production. The beta label is gone.
* There's now an SLA (Service Level Agreement) for EC2.
* Microsoft Windows is now available in beta form on EC2.
* Microsoft SQL Server is now available in beta form on EC2.
* We plan to release an interactive AWS management console.
* We plan to release new load balancing, automatic scaling, and cloud monitoring services

Rackspace Aquisitions
Source: TechCrunch: Web hosting provider Rackspace has acquired JungleDisk, an online backup service, and Virtual Machine provider Slicehost in a deal designed to help bolster its offerings against top competitor Amazon Web Services.
Coverage of SD Forum Cloud Computing Symposium

James Staten : "Interestingly, he pooh-poohed one trend forecast as being high-potential for clouds: internal clouds. Essentially, he believes that enterprises cannot create internal clouds that will be cost competitive with external clouds and therefore will ultimately fail. However, he forecast a bright future for virtual private clouds (akin to VPNs) which will carve out sections of a public cloud and provide cloud services overlaid with enterprise-appropriate security, namespace, and isolation."
Discussion: Are internal clouds doomed?

IDC's New Forecast
Based on a survey of IT executives, CIOs and other business leaders, IDC said Monday that it expects spending on IT cloud services to reach US$42 billion by 2012, a growth of threefold that will in part be bolstered by the current economic crisis that began in the U.S. and is spreading around the world.
Discussion: is market size still a concern?

Guest Q and A with Michael Crandell, CEO, RightScale

Cloud Tips

Thoughts on consumer and business facing services, applications, companies.
Michael: RightScale :), EchoSign (E-Signatures and Signature Automation)
Gary: Basecamp (Project Management, Collaboration, and Task Software)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #4

Here is The Cloud Computing Show - Episode 4.

Bert Armijo, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Management, 3tera
John Pozadzides, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Layered Technologies

Gary Orenstein, Vice President of Marketing, Gear6
Steve Norall, Chief Technology Officer, TechValidate

Show notes:

Opening and Introductions

Hot Topics in the Cloud

-EMC World (Mozy, Hulk and Maui)
-why do people feel a need to trash the terminology? (see Scattered Clouds)
-does cloud computing signal the end of the SMB market?

Company Introduction and Q and A - 3TERA

Company Introduction and Q and A - LAYERED TECHNOLOGIES

Overview and Q and A on Collaboration between 3tera and Layered Technologies

Friday, June 13, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #3

We caught up with Robin Harris from StorageMojo to talk a bit about Cloud Computing, what has to happen for greater adoption of cloud-based services, and what might not make it into the cloud.

As always, Robin has an insightful take on the industry, and the short podcast is definitely worth a listen. Enjoy!

Click here for The Cloud Computing Show - Episode 3

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #2

Here is the 2nd installment of The Cloud Computing Show.

We had a great lineup with guests from Zmanda and

Download the podcast here and enjoy!

Gary Orenstein, Vice President of Marketing at Gear6
Jim Herbold, Vice President of Sales at

Dmitri Joukovski, Vice President of Product Management, Zmanda
Ken Crandall, Technologist at Zmanda
Jeff Barr, Senior Manager, Web Services Evangelism at

Show highlights:

recent articles:

The War for the Web - Andy Kessler

Cloud Computing Eyes on the Skies - Steve Hamm

new companies or products
-OpenSolaris on EC2
-IBM iDataPlex
-Mosso CloudFS
-HP Extreme Data Storage System

other industry bits:

CNET "What is Cloud Computing" Video

PLUS, great interviews with Zmanda and Amazon Web Services

Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #1

Cloud Computing Show #1 Guests: Edgard Capdevielle, Vice President of Product Management, Nirvanix and Jim Herbold, Enterprise General Manager,

The news feeds have been full of cloud computing activity over the last few months, so we decided to kick of a roundtable discussion and see if we can make a regular thing of it.
Download the first episode of The Cloud Computing Show.

For this initial episode, we have the following additional participants:

Gary Orenstein, Vice President of Marketing, Gear6
Steve Norall, CTO of TechValidate and former industry analyst

Comments and suggestions for future episodes welcome, including ideas for additional industry guests.