Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #2

Here is the 2nd installment of The Cloud Computing Show.

We had a great lineup with guests from Zmanda and

Download the podcast here and enjoy!

Gary Orenstein, Vice President of Marketing at Gear6
Jim Herbold, Vice President of Sales at

Dmitri Joukovski, Vice President of Product Management, Zmanda
Ken Crandall, Technologist at Zmanda
Jeff Barr, Senior Manager, Web Services Evangelism at

Show highlights:

recent articles:

The War for the Web - Andy Kessler

Cloud Computing Eyes on the Skies - Steve Hamm

new companies or products
-OpenSolaris on EC2
-IBM iDataPlex
-Mosso CloudFS
-HP Extreme Data Storage System

other industry bits:

CNET "What is Cloud Computing" Video

PLUS, great interviews with Zmanda and Amazon Web Services

Enjoy the show!