Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cloud Computing Show #22

Roundtable Guests:
James Watters, Sr. Manager vCloud Solutions, VMware,
Brian Bulkowski, CEO, Citrusleaf,
Adrian Cole, Founder of JClouds,

Here is The Cloud Computing Show Episode 22 (mp3)

Gary Orenstein, The Cloud Computing Show

Top Discussion Trends of 2009
-Rise of API / Rise of API driven ISVs
-NOSQL Hype Curve moderates at year end
-is salesforce sooo 2008?
-is there room between Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service?
-all about private clouds
-will we get a non-AWS ecosystem in 2010?
-will the Microsoft cloud environment kick-in in 2010?
-do we need desktop apps anymore?

Gary: Chrome for Mac -
James: enStratus -
Adrian: Crane -
Brian: (moving data to the cloud)

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