Monday, December 19, 2011

Cloud Computing Show #53

James Watters, Group Manager, Ecosystem and Business Development, Cloud Application Platform - Cloud Foundry, VMware,
Adrian Cole, Chief Evangelist at Cloudsoft,
Brian Bulkowski, CEO, Citrusleaf,

Here is The Cloud Computing Show Episode #53 (mp3)

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Gary Orenstein, The Cloud Computing Show,

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-state of the cloud platforms
-state of big data
-online files (, dropbox, icloud)
-open cloud

-January 2011, Terramark, Verizon
-April 2011, Savvis, CenturyLink
-July 2011, / Citrix
-April 2011, SlideRocket / VMware
-May 2011, SocialCast / VMware
-October 2011, RightNow / Oracle
-December 2011, Success Factors / SAP

SimpleGeo/Urban Airship

-DEMO Enterprise, Jan 5, SF,
-Node Summit, Jan 24-25, SF,
-Jfokus, Feb 13-15, Stockholm,
-Structure:Data, March 20-21, NYC,

Tech Calendar by Stephen Foskett -

James: Bessemer CloudScape -
Adrian: cREST Client Plugin for Chrome

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