Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cloud Computing Show #10

Cloud Computing Show #10 Guest: Kevin Brown, Former CEO of Kidaro (acq by MSFT), senior exec at Decru (acq by NTAP) and member of founding team at Inktomi (acq by YHOO)

Here is The Cloud Computing Show # 10 (mp3)

Host: Gary Orenstein, The Cloud Computing Show
Co-Host: Edgard Capdevielle, Cloud Strategy Group

>>> IBM and SAP preview cloud mobility at CeBIT
>>> (
Mostly based on IBM's Live Partition Mobility, which allows an AIX logical partition to be moved live from one server to another.This IBM technology is in line with VMware who announced work towards workload mobility across data centers through their vCloud initiative, and the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum is looking at similar technologies as well.
Discussion: Is this more trouble for VMware? IBM is one of their top channel partners and they are coming up with their own technology for mobility of apps.

>>> Ongoing activity in cloud mobility with AppZero appliances
>>> (
AppZero demoed at Demo 2009 how their technology can migrate a virtualized application from an EC2 instance to a GoGrid environment.This touts that "application virtualization" is the best way to federate compute demand among clouds, simplify adoption of cloud computing, and avoid vendor lock-in from cloud providers.
Discussion: In this framework, is the O/S is left out from relevance?

>>> Google Docs sharing issue causes concern for cloud computing, March 8, 2009 - 10:50 A.M.
"The error amounted to wrongly sharing Google documents with someone 'whom you, or a collaborator with sharing rights, had previously shared a document'."
Discussion: The reality of cloud-based apps

With Kevin Brown. Theme: Value-added Services for the Cloud
Kevin's company mentions (Qwaq, Queplix)

Gary: Google Sync (BlackBerry)
Edgard: Kindle App for iPhone/iPod

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