Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cloud Computing Show #4

Here is The Cloud Computing Show - Episode 4.

Bert Armijo, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Product Management, 3tera
John Pozadzides, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Layered Technologies

Gary Orenstein, Vice President of Marketing, Gear6
Steve Norall, Chief Technology Officer, TechValidate

Show notes:

Opening and Introductions

Hot Topics in the Cloud

-EMC World (Mozy, Hulk and Maui)
-why do people feel a need to trash the terminology? (see Scattered Clouds)
-does cloud computing signal the end of the SMB market?

Company Introduction and Q and A - 3TERA

Company Introduction and Q and A - LAYERED TECHNOLOGIES

Overview and Q and A on Collaboration between 3tera and Layered Technologies

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